Sunday, Sept. 21th:

Special Guest DJs:

Jeffrey Boynton & Samantha Lane

Jeffrey & Samantha are both Teachers in Training with the 5Rhythms, and will be holding space for DanceTribe with an especially crafted set of sets for us.  Jeffery will take us through one wave for the first half, and Samantha follows him with her offering to finish us up.  This will be a sweet immersion to an ecstatic dance journey we are lucky to have coming our way. 

Jeffrey BoyntonSamSmile

Samantha Lane

For fifteen years, Samantha has provided a sacred container to help people explore and honor their unique movement language. Inspiring students to connect to their primal nature, she evokes aliveness, sensuality, sound, curiosity, discovery, pleasure and play. Her transformational offerings create a safe space to open the heart, dive deep, express the soul, and to connect with each individual’s inherent wisdom.
Deeply rooted in the Nia Technique® and the 5Rhythms®, Samantha is a gifted energy-sorceress and a natural free spirited dancer. Samantha holds a special interest in trauma support for women & bringing movement to underserved populations.  Samantha lives in Los Angeles with her Beloved, fellow teacher Jeffrey, and her three sons.

Jeffrey Boynton 

Rooted in a dance history of modern dance, dance theater and contact improvisation, he found transformation on the sweaty high vibration dance floor of 5Rhythms in New York City. What followed has been nothing short of total disorganization of the self, sometimes without gentleness, but always with a profound sense of ease. A potent respect and curiosity for the mystery and the truth remains. He is currently a 5Rhythms Teacher in Training, teaching weekly practice Waves classes in downtown Los Angeles.

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