Feb. 1st:


With a Celebration of IMBOLC 

imbolc 2

The wheel is turning once again.
We arrive at the cross quarter day of Imbolc, 
which signals the first stirrings of spring.
It is time to sweep our hearths clean and

prepare the ground for the germination

of our seeds for the new year.

We circle to celebrate,

to fan the flames of our intentions

and our hearts.
One tribe
One love
Dancing into being…

About Alyzabeth:
Alyzabeth Rhiannon Anath BA, CRM, CYT has been working with dance, somatic psychology, yoga and holistic medicine for over 15 years. A classically trained dancer, therapist and body worker she received her Bachelor of Arts from Naropa University in Interdisciplinary Studies that culminated in a thesis weaving together the elements of performance, visual art and Hatha Yoga. She received her Yoga therapy training and certification from Loyola Marymount University, were she engaged in a rigorous training of western and eastern anatomies, medicine and therapeutic protocols.Alyzabeth has trained deeply in Gabrielle Roth’s 5 rhythms dance, Janet Alders Authentic movement, and Shiva Rea’s trance dance forms. Within her classes she creates a safe container for movement exploration and expression inspiring transformation in the individual and group.
She has worked extensively with children, women’s groups, dancers and people with a variety of health issues. Utilizing her healing and movement palette, she creates dynamic workshops and classes as well as individualized healing protocols. Her passion lies in guiding people into their bodies through movement, unlocking their potential to heal, express and cultivate Vitality and Joy.

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