First Friday TONIGHT


sol rising djing dark

DJ SOL RISING (aka Brandon Au) has been rocking the Ecstatic Dance world for years, holding it down while blowing it up in Oakland up until recently when he moved to LA last year, & he’s joining us at DanceTribe for the first time on a Special First Friday here in March.

Then SUNDAY it’s


Avani 15 700

Avani Tyler Blank is the co-Founder of Ecstatic Dance Oakland & SF, Ecstatic Dance Retreat, Ecstatic Downtemple & the Ecstatic Dance Foundation.

Like many before him, the Mix Tape was his first DJ experience. Now he plays for Ecstatic Dances throughout the world, treating every Ecstatic Dance journey as if it were a musical representation of our Human Life.  In this way we start with our Conception, through Birth, Infancy, Childhood, Youth, Adulthood, Crisis & Rebirth, Maturity, Death, and the Afterlife.

Every Tempo, and Emotion will be attempted in our Journey, with as many Genres of Music as we can flow through smoothly together.  Expect sounds new and old, organic and electronic, from slow to fast, feminine to masculine, constant to chaotic, sexy to silly, and everything in-between, encouraging the deeper knowing, celebration, and healing of ourselves, and the relationships with those around us.

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